Liberty Aerospace, Inc. was formed in the year 2000, and an amazing team of engineers and designers were gathered to create an aircraft to meet the following requirements:

  • Low price
  • Efficient high speed cruise with STOL performance
  • Economy and ease of maintenance
  • Advanced structural materials offering strength and durability
  • Excellent handling and a positive stability profile
  • Environmental Responsibility

The Liberty XL2 departed on its maiden voyage on April 2, 2001. The next four years were dedicated to extensive development and countless testing.

On February 19, 2004 the FAA awarded Liberty with Part 23 Type Certification for the single-engine Liberty XL2. It was the first two-place aircraft to be awarded certification in over 30 years and the first piston-engine aircraft to be certified with a true Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC) system.

In October of 2004, Kuwait Finance House - Bahrain, a wholly owned subsidiary of Kuwait Finance House and a leading provider of commercial and investment banking services, acquired a 75% stake in Liberty. This resulting financial alliance with this $11 billion firm has allowed Liberty to focus solely on delivering the XL2 aircraft to the international marketplace with strength and confidence.

Type Inspection Authorization from the FAA for Instrument Flight Rules operation was awarded on June 22, 2005. This positioned the XL2 to enter the final phase of testing for FAA certification.

On May 1, 2006 Liberty Aerospace was presented with a Production Certificate for the Liberty XL2 from the FAA.

In 2007, Liberty signed a historic contract with Anyang Angel Aero in Beijing, Peoples Republic of China to produce 600 Liberty XL-2 aircraft under license. A facility is currently under construction in China.

On February 27th, 2008, the 100th Liberty XL-2 was delivered. In April 2008, the Vanguard Edition XL-2 was introduced, with increased gross weight, a 420 lb. useful load with full fuel, and toe, rather than finger brakes. All aircraft after serial #120 will be Vanguard Edition aircraft.

While the next chapter in the history of Liberty Aerospace is yet to be written, we will continue to provide advanced technology. As the first FADEC equipped piston aircraft, our already low fuel burn is optimized for conditions more than 20 times per second, resulting in the lowest carbon emissions of any aircraft in it's class. We are proud to be a leader in the movement to lower the footprint of aviation on our environment.