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I like to compare it to a Mazda Miata. Its an economical, sporty, two-seater that handles well and is a blast to fly!
Robert Kinney, XL2 Serial Number 100 Owner
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Liberty Aerospace and Anyang Angel Aero Announce 600 Aircraft Purchase and Manufacture Agreement in Beijing, Peoples Republic of China.

Contract value estimated at over $150M USD.

Group Also Announces Beginning of Construction of New Manufacturing Facility in Anyang China.

Liberty Aerospace Inc. and Anyang Angel Aero Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. (3A) announced today the launch of a 600 aircraft manufacturing agreement and that 3A has initiated the construction of a new factory at the Anyang Airport in Henan designed for the manufacturing of the Liberty XL-2. The new plant is part of a definitive contract to purchase and build 600 Liberty XL-2 aircraft for use in the Peoples Republic of China. With a base plan of 600 aircraft, 3A and Liberty Aerospace expect this number to be increased to 800 in anticipation of the opening of the air space in 2010.

The factory, when complete, will be capable of manufacturing 100 aircraft per year – utilizing processes from carbon manufacturing to final assembly. Prior to factory completion, 3A will take delivery of aircraft built in the United States to meet the current demand for training. Aircraft purchased and built by 3A will be utilized at the growing Science and Technology University and within their current flying school located at Anyang. 3A is owned 50% by the Anyang Economic and Technology Development Company.

The contract, which had been in negotiations for over a year, differs materially from some other announced foreign aviation agreements in that the agreement is for aircraft built in the China facility to be used in the China aviation community as apposed to an agreement to build in China for shipment to the United States. Further, the aircraft to be built in China, the XL-2, meets the full US Federal Aviation Part 23 airworthiness requirements as well as the Peoples Republic of Chinas Civil Aviation Authorities Certification requirements.

“We are extremely excited to work with Anyang Angel Areo and to have a role in the fast growing China aviation market,” commented Keith Markley, President and CEO of Liberty Aerospace.

The Liberty XL-2 is fully certified by the FAA under FAR 23 Day/Night IFR.  The XL-2 received the Chinese Type Certificate on May 9th, 2007 and is certified to operate on both 95LL and 100LL AvGas as used in China and Russia.

Compared with other FAA Certified FAR 23 aircraft of this size, the Liberty offers a much lower acquisition cost and has a much lower Direct Operating Cost.

From left to right –
WANG Fanqi, President & CEO 3A; JIN Suidong, Secretary of Anyang Municipal Party Committee of C.P.C; Keith Markley, President & CEO Liberty Aerospace; DONG Yongan, Mayor of Municipal People’s Government of Anyang

About Liberty Aerospace, Inc.

Based in Florida’s Space Coast, Liberty Aerospace, Inc. designs and manufactures general aviation aircraft and is the FAA Type 23 Certificate holder for the Liberty XL-2. The XL-2 aircraft is IFR certified and meets the specific requirements of flying schools and clubs while offering the private owner/operator a first-class touring aircraft. Well-known for its carbon fiber fuselage and modular construction, it is the first production aircraft powered by a piston engine equipped with a full authority digital engine control (FADEC), simplifying power management and providing greatly increased levels of safety, reliability and maintainability. These technological advances have allowed Liberty to deliver an aircraft benefiting from incredibly low operating costs, while remaining extremely fun to fly.

Liberty Aerospace Contact:

100 Aerospace Drive
Melbourne, FL 32901