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"Overall, I'd say that the XL2 is a real fun aircraft. "
Dale Unwin Editor 'Today's Pilot'
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Liberty Aerospace, Inc. Announces SOUTHEAST US DEALERSHIP

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Melbourne, Florida USA (May 20, 2008) Liberty Aerospace, Inc. is pleased to announce the appointment of it’s Southeastern, US dealership – Liberty Southeast, Inc. This new dealership is based in Greensboro, North Carolina at their brand new 33,000 Sq. facility.
Liberty Southeast, Inc.’s Sales Manager, Mr. Gordon Morrison, stated “We are excited to begin this business venture with Liberty. With the XL2 being the most advanced, economical 2 seat trainer and touring airplane out there today, being selected as Liberty’s Southeast domestic dealer is a huge opportunity for us. We look forward to a great partnership.”

“We aim to capitalize on the opportunity to join forces with Liberty Aerospace in selling the Liberty XL2. This is a great company, with an outstanding airplane. The economical advantages presented by the XL2 make it a prime candidate for flight schools and individuals alike who are concerned with fuel consumption and maintenance costs," said Liberty Southeast, Inc.’s President, George Johnson.

Liberty Southeast, Inc. has positioned itself to be a premier dealer of the Liberty XL2. With production of the new Vanguard Edition now in full swing, the potential for advancing market penetration in the Southeastern US is limitless. Liberty Southeast, Inc. has currently acquired three demonstrator models, and has placed an order for four of the new Liberty XL2 Vanguard Edition.

“It’s a distinct privilege to have George Johnson’s organization, Liberty Southeast, Inc., as a regional dealer for Liberty.  Given the commitment to staff and facilities that George has made, we expect great results in the southeastern United States," Mr. Randy Burnley, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Liberty Aerospace, Inc. noted.

About Liberty Aerospace, Inc. –

Based in Florida’s Space Coast, Liberty Aerospace, Inc. designs and manufactures general aviation aircraft and is the FAA Type 23 Certificate holder for the Liberty XL2.  The XL2 aircraft is IFR certified and meets the specific requirements of flying schools and clubs while offering the private owner/operator a first-class touring aircraft.  Well-known for its carbon fiber fuselage and modular construction, it is the only production aircraft powered by a piston engine equipped with a full authority digital engine control (FADEC), simplifying power management and providing greatly increased levels of safety, reliability and maintainability.  These technological advances have allowed Liberty to deliver an aircraft benefiting from incredibly low operating costs, while remaining extremely fun to fly. 

Liberty Aerospace Media Contact:

Paul Everitt

Business Development Manager
100 Aerospace Drive
Melbourne, FL 32901